John Stork began studying martial arts at age 7 and received his black belt by age 11. He competed internationally, winning a gold medal at the WKA World Championships in Hannover, Germany and the Silver Cup at the 1st International Tournament For Artistic Martial Arts in Paris, France. He was coached by Mike Chat (7 time world champion, XMA founder, Blue Power Ranger), Ming Qiu (China National Wushu Champion, Lucy Liu's Kill Bill stunt double), and Daniel Pesina (Chicago Wushu Guan owner, Johnny Cage/Scorpion/Sub-Zero in the original Mortal Kombat videogames). John began his training in circus/variety arts at age 13 and has performed with Circus Smirkus (featured on Disney Channel's “Totally Circus”), SeaWorld, The Midnight Circus, The Second City, Yakov Smirnoff’s Moscow Circus, and The Piccolini Trio. John appeared as the villain Kismet in the independent film Shadow Fury, performing many of his own stunts and fight choreography. He has also appeared on television, playing Goku from Dragonball-Z in a national Burger King commercial, Hyper-Strike on Sci-Fi Channel/Stan Lee’s "Who Wants To Be A Superhero?”, and on Comedy Central’s Gong Show as one half of the dynamic martial arts duo Divided Unity. John currently works as a professional street performer and produces/writes/edits the webcomic Tomb Busters, featuring artwork by Juan Useche and the award winning Mexican comic artist Raul Trevino, with lettering by Deyvison Manes, and backgrounds/flats by Facundo Lopez. John Stork's ultimate dream is to write and direct animated films.